Drop Coating Metallic Auto Body Paint – The Ultimate Paint for your Vehicle


From protecting your vehicle to helping it stand out in fleet, nothing beats a beautiful coat of paint. Auto body paint Santa Rosa services are what separates the high-end paint service providers from those without the experience and knowledge of proper spray paint application.

Drop coating metallic auto body paint is one of the best ways to give your vehicle an excellent base paint with exceptional metallic distribution. When looking for the top auto body paint service provider in Santa Rosa, make sure to keep these different tips in mind.

Why Drop Coating?

When opting for auto paint with metallic coatings, it is extremely important to go for a drop coating. This is because applying a solid color will not adhere properly and uniformly to your vehicle. Instead, the metallic paint needs a drop coating immediately after the basic coverage coat.

Additionally, when the paint is applied, it needs to be applied in both a vertical and horizontal coat in order to avoid streaking and to make sure every inch of the paneling is properly covered.

Uniform Coverage

When needing to apply metallic drop coating, far too many inexperienced paint providers will rush the initial coating and not inspect it carefully. The problem here is if the initial basic coverage coat is not complete, the metallic drop coating will not be uniform either. This results in spotting of the paint and an inferior look.

On top of applying the layers, each coat needs to blend perfectly with the previous layer of paint, attempting to lay all the paint down in one coat results in a coat that is too thick and not consistent. Uniformity is the name of the game here.

Crossing the Coats

After applying the initial coat and making sure it is uniform, the drop coat can be applied. During this stage of the process it is important to apply drop coats that cross, which produces the best surface appearance.

By following through with these different painting tips, you’ll locate the very best auto body paint provider in Santa Rosa. The purpose of metallic drop coating is to provide you with uniform coverage that can also accept lacquers.

Don’t make the mistake of simply going with the least expensive paint service provider as these companies are inexpensive for a reason. Instead, go with the very best and contact Hawley´s Paint today.