How to Find a Perfect Auto Body Paint Color Match in Santa Rosa


When you look at your vehicle, you’d probably describe it as a blue, black, red, or whatever color it is. Yes, it is “white” or “silver”, but sadly not all automakers use the exact same paint or shade during production. Due to this, the white on a Chevy is different from white on a Toyota. It may not seem like that big of a deal, until you are forced to deal with auto repairs. Even a slightly off paint job will completely throw off the appearance of your vehicle. That is exactly why when it comes to auto body paint in Santa Rosa, you should choose a professional service provider like Hawley’s Paints.

Here are some tips from our Hawley’s Paints team for finding that perfect paint match for your car!

  • Spot Matching

Now, in the event of an accident or major scrape on your vehicle, it is recommended to bring your vehicle in for a professional paint service. However, what happens if you just nicked your paint or if there is a small chip that’s bothering you, but you don’t want to take the vehicle in for? For these touch-ups, you first need to determine the color code for your vehicle.

This may be listed in the owner’s manual. It is also often information found in the engine bay, possibly on the underside of the hood, printed on a sticker. Write this number down and visit a local auto paint supply store. They can provide you with the matching paint (which can come in a small canister or even a pen-applicator option).

  • Testing

Always test the paint color on a non-visible area of the vehicle to make sure it works. You don’t need an off-color streak on the hood of your vehicle. If you picked up a spray paint applicator, test out the spray on newspaper or another object so you understand how it comes out. Never heavily apply the first coat. Allow the even coat to dry and then apply more when necessary.

Get the Right Auto Body Paint in Santa Rosa Today

Finding the right auto body paint in Santa Rosa is far more difficult than many people imagine. Perfectly matching the color and tone, not only from the manufacturer but the specific year (as companies often slightly alter the kind of paint used) takes a true professional.

If your vehicle has been damaged or you are in need of a paint job on your vehicle, make sure to bring it in to the professionals at Hawley’s Paints.

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