Getting the Best House Paint in Sonoma County


Santa Rosa is sunny and colorful and offers a number of unique options when it comes to painting–especially as pertains to house paint in Sonoma County. Getting the best paint job requires taking note of several important facts.

Longevity of Service

Soon after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, Hawley’s paint store was founded in Santa Rosa. Still open today, this store made the jump across the 20th-century boundary line. Finding a service that’s been a bastion of the local community for decades is a great way to ensure their services will be above-par, and Hawley’s provides over 100 years of history.

Multiple Communities

For house paint in Sonoma County, you’re more likely to get reputable service from a group that caters to the locals around which their organization began, and to those in surrounding communities. Expect painters in Sonoma County to have regular clients in Santa Rosa and Petaluma as well.


Painting technique has adapted over the past 100 years, with antiquated methods of paint application making way for newer innovations. Expect the right company to have a long track record of staying on top of these changes, providing the latest in painting options.


The thing about a high-priced solution is that services don’t necessarily match what you pay. Sometimes the extreme price is just a means by which companies discriminate between clients. Look instead for a business that offers exceptional services at affordable rates.


Look for paint products from all the best product lines, including:

  • Ducksback
  • Dap
  • Zolatone
  • Tap Resin

Tenured Services

Hawley’s Paints was founded in Santa Rosa after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. With roughly 110 years’ continuous operation, Hawley’s has continuously upgraded their paint solutions to match the times, always provides quality service at realistic costs, and has a bevy of top-tier products including Dap, Tap Resin, Zolatone, Ducksback, and much more.

For house paint in Sonoma County, call Hawley’s Paints at (707) 545-1711 today!