High Quality Residential Paint for Sale in Santa Rosa


Color, they say, makes the world a more beautiful place. Color is part and parcel of every person’s life – from the clothes you wear to the walls in your home to the car you drive – everything has color. Because color is beautiful, it is only natural that you would want your home to look beautiful by applying paint. It is not just any paint which will give you the attractive color you want – you need to purchase high-quality residential paint in Santa Rosa at Hawley’s Paints to achieve a stunning paint job.

What Makes Paint High Quality

Paints are typically the same, right? This is one thought that is in most people’s mind when they are looking for paint. In fact, most people will be focused on the color and cost of the paint rather than the brand and quality. Well, not all paints are equal; there are those that are high quality and those that are not. So if you are aiming for a glamorous look for your home, then you should focus on high-quality paint.

Different brands of paint might have the same color palette and sheen, however they can vary in quality. Quality paints will always have a truer color, will adhere better when applied on surfaces, and will require fewer coats of the paint. Also, quality paints tend to last longer and are more durable, therefore saving you a lot of time and money in the long-run.

The ingredients in a paint can also reveal whether it is quality or not. Most high-quality paints contain little or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are considered to be environmentally harmful; they can also cause dizziness and headaches to people who inhale the paint especially when it is freshly painted.

If you’re looking for high quality paint in Santa Rosa come on over to Hawley’s Paint Store. We are located on Santa Rosa Avenue ½ mile south of Hearn Ave or you can call 707 736-6566