Reasons You Should Hire a House Painting Company


When painting the exterior or interior of your house there are a lot of different ways to approach such a project. However, like many home improvement projects, hiring a professional is advisable for many reasons. Here are five reasons why hiring a professional painting company and store in Santa Rosa like Hawley’s Paints is better than doing it yourself.

Why Hire Professional Painters?

  1. Professional Results: as noted above painting your home’s exterior (or interior) is far more complex than it looks and should not be treated as a weekend do it yourself project. By hiring a professional you get professional results, in fact in many cases professionals are hired to repair DIY projects that did not work out as expected. A paint job performed by an expert not only looks better it also avoids errors a nonprofessional would make and can increase your home’s overall value.
  2. Experience Matters: as with any other professional experience is very important. Professional partners have decades of experience in their profession. That means their methodology, project planning, equipment use, and preventative measures are all backed by several successful painting projects.
  3. Current Techniques and Equipment: the painting industry is very vibrant with advancements in paint, equipment, and painting methods constantly changing, innovating, and evolving. A professional painter will not only have the newest techniques but also know what tools are suitable for your project.
  4. Less Stress: make no mistake any large-scale home improvement project can be stressful. The scope, time frame, and expense of the project can be hard to predict when you are doing it yourself. By hiring professionals, you understand the scope, expense, and time frame of the project upfront in addition to not having to do the work yourself. By hiring professionals, you can also rest assured that the project will be completed efficiently and to your desired specifications.
  5. Insurance: lastly, by hiring a professional local paint store in Santa Rosa your painting project is being performed by a licensed and insured professional. What that means is if anything goes wrong the painting company you hired will work to make it right.

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