How to Select the Ideal Santa Rosa Painting Contractor and Right House Paint

How to Select the Ideal Santa Rosa Painting Contractor and Right House Paint


When you’re looking for a quality Santa Rosa residential paint service for your home and the right colors, here’s what you need to bear in mind…

Hiring the right Santa Rosa painter for your home is never easy and is basically a time consuming and tedious task.

However, it becomes easier to shortlist a few and finally select one, if you go by the following methods:

Experience matters: Check their experience. How long have they been in business? Someone with over two years in the business may be called experienced.

Are They insured: You also need to find out whether the contractor has full-time employees under him or subcontracts the job to others. This is important as any direct employee is covered by the contractor’s general liability and workers’ compensation policies. If subcontractors are involved, check if they have their own insurance. Either way, ask the contractor for documentary proof of insurance for his business and subcontractors if any.

License: Yet another important point to be noted. Ask if the contractor has a state-issued license. All reputed and licensed contractors have the necessary documents. Remember, this will protect not only them and their on-site workers but also you and your home.

Preparation Planning: Ask the contractor how he’s planning to prepare for your job. Canny operators usually dodge the prep work in order to cut corners. A reliable contractor takes the necessary time first to work out what needs doing and deliver his goods as promised. The proof, of course, lies in his workmanship in the end.

References & Knowledge: A reliable contractor will willingly provide references which can be checked if required. He will also be knowledgeable enough to recommend the right materials for the project as also state-of-the-art techniques for handling the job. They also give effective suggestions for color shades and finishes.

Estimate & Guarantee: Ensure that the contractor clearly spells out the project’s scope, materials to be used and details of all prep work in writing in the form of a formal contract. Reliable contractors also offer warranties on application/preparation processes in writing.

Cost: Insist on definite cost estimates so that you don’t end up going overboard in the end. Take quotes from at least three contractors before selecting one.

Color Selection Tips

Selecting the paint: Paints are either oil or latex-based and come in numerous sheens. Latex paint is the most common and preferred paint type because it’s easily washable and durable. It also fades slowly, has better breathing qualities than oil-based paints and blisters less. These are recommended for walls mostly.

Oil-based paints, on the other hand, are good as primers for real wood moldings and trim. They tend to seal knots and stains from wood better than their latex-based counterparts.

Sheen selection: Glossier paints can be cleaned easily. High-gloss paints are great for trimming, and give it a fine and finished look for complementing the more muted sheen of your walls. Semi-gloss works well with kitchens and bathrooms as they are easily washable and come cheaper, too.

Wall paints: Imperfect walls are best painted with flat or matte finish paints. Here, the color wheel comes in handy so that secondary and complementary colors may be created to play off each other nicely. Using shades of green leads to a soothing and subtle look. Blues, purples, and greens, on the other hand, make small rooms seem more airy and larger. Warm tones like red, yellow and orange give any room a vibrant touch.

The monochromatic or single color approach also tends to be soothing, looking good in bathrooms and/or bedrooms. Light colors like porcelain blue, pink, lavender and muted yellow induce tranquility and increase the room’s restfulness.

You may always use the color wheel as a ready reference for selecting your shades. However, it will ultimately be the right combination of your imagination, a paint brush and a can of paint that will yield the desired results.

If you are still finding it difficult to find the right contractor for your Santa Rose home painting project, call Hawley’s Paints today.