Trendy 2017 House Paint Tips for the Sonoma County Homeowner


House paint can add a significant value to your home. It can improve a room and provide your space with a renewed visual appeal, whether you’re looking to sell in the near future or simply searching for that inspiring new home addition. To help guide you in getting full value for your house paint project in Sonoma County, we’re highlighting the latest trends in the 2017 marketplace.

Choose Serious Tones

Serious tones are now taking the place of their more colorful counterparts in homes across the country, as property owners opt for moodier blues over brighter yellows and purples that were popular in preceding years. Darker colors that combine classical styles from the past can now add significant value to properties in 2017.

Make Texture a Key Décor Element

Texture is also now playing a critical role within paint projects in 2017 as Sonoma County house owners use classical textured paints to add their own unique style to paintwork. Many homeowners are also now adding paint over existing textured areas to blending natural realism with outstanding architectural elegance for an impactful home design. For example, homeowners might consider painting exposed brick for that rustic appeal.

If Selecting Brighter Tones, Spread Them Over a Wider Area

  • The idea of a splash of color has been transposed by the use of large swaths of brighter paint in the modern home. And so, for those who wish to forgo the serious tones of the current trends and replace their current home paintwork, the option of wide-scale bright paint coloring is available.


  • Brighter greens have been particularly well-received across the marketplace in 2017, and Greenery is Pantone’s color of the year. Homeowners can tone down the noise of the brighter coloring by using darker decorative elements and framing alongside their louder colored paints.


  • In working with a qualified painting company, such as Hawley’s Paints, you can reduce your decorating costs while following the latest trends in the modern marketplace. Our experts have decades of experience in completing comprehensive paint jobs for the modern Sonoma County house. And our work is now proudly displayed in homes throughout the region. To discover more on our service options, or speak with a team member, contact us today!