Five Misconceptions Homeowners Have About Painting Their Santa Rosa Homes


Paint is one of the quickest and cheapest improvements a homeowner can choose. However, many homeowners shy away from a new coat of paint because of the following commonly held misconceptions about house paint in Santa Rosa.

Misconception: Painting is too pricey.

Reality: Painting is one of the cheapest ways to breathe new life into an old space. While a can of high quality paint may look too expensive, consider how much coverage you will get out of a single gallon can.  Homeowners can paint just a single wall to make a statement, repaint a room, or paint their whole house depending on their budget.

Misconception: Extra coats will be needed to cover stains.

Reality: There are several high-quality primers designed to cover stains and prevent bleed through. In fact, painting experts, such as those at Hawley’s Paints in Santa Rosa, will be able to recommend the best primer for your needs. Mold, darker paint colors, water stains, and other discolorations should not keep you from refreshing your living spaces.

Misconception: Painting is labor intensive.

Reality: The right brushes, rollers, and equipment can make an enormous difference in the amount of labor needed to properly complete the project. A paint sprayer, for example, will quickly cover large wall spaces, and a narrow brush will easily create clean lines around trim and fixtures.

Misconception: Painting is messy.

Reality: When the proper measures are taken before, during, and after your painting project, the potential mess can be kept minimal. For example, painters tape helps create clean lines, and tarps will protect the flooring and furniture. Cleaning your brushes and rollers is also made easier with specially designed paint trays and other accessories.

Misconception: Painting is difficult to do well.

Reality: Painting is only difficult to do well when rushed. Take the time to carefully place the tape around trim and fixtures for neat clean lines. Remove the tape before the paint dries to prevent peeling. Use care to avoid overloading your brushes and apply even steady pressure. For best results, use the W technique in three foot sections and blend the paint’s edges to avoid stark lines. Depending on the paint, you should wait 24 hours between coats to avoid running, bubbling, or paint removal.

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